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The Woodcrafter Page - Copyright ? 2004 - Keith Davies. All rights reserved.
The Woodcrafter Page - Copyright ? 2004 - Keith Davies. All rights reserved.

Here is the orginal article from the
November - December 1956 Deltagram

Three Carolers
Outdoor Christmas Display

(Photo No. 1)
Most of the outside portion of the display can be cut an the band saw using a skip tooth saw blade.

(Photo No. 2)
The lantern portion can be cut on the scroll saw with a No. 92 blade. Note the head must be set for cutting from the side of the machine for greater capacity.
Designed by Pat and Jerry Gropp

(Photo No. 3)
Lay out the display directly on the panel or draw it On wrapping Paper as shown above.
A lively Christmas display on your lawn or roof top will contribute to the spirit of Christmas in your community. Make your holiday decorations distinctive by featuring this new slant on the ever popular "Yuletide Carolers". Designed by Pat and Jerry Gropp, it has a "different" touch that could help you win your local decorating contest.
The design is planned for use with ½ inch exterior fir Plywood or waterproof Plywood. The whole thing can be cut out of one 4 x 7 foot panel.
Be sure to cut out the hole for the lantern. This can be done oil the scroll saw using a Delta No. 92 scroll saw blade with the machine running at its highest speed or 1725 r.p.m. A piece of colored paper or plastic should be fastened over the hole from the back of the panel and it should be lighted front the back.
A few scrap spacer blocks behind the arms and the song book, (indicated in line drawing) will lend a three-dimensional appearance to the
  Making the displav out of exterior plvwood enables you to use it year after year.
Reproduce the sketch shown on the next page using the squares method, either directly to the panel or on brown wrapping paper (see Photo #3). The outer portion can be cut on the band saw using a ¼ inch skip tooth blade, Photo #1.
Paint the edges of the display and both sides with a prime coat. For finish coats use bright contrasting colors (see color suggestions on drawing) in a good outside house or trim coat. If the display is to be floodlighted, a flat finish paint will reduce glare.
Right-click here to download the drawing as an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file.

* * * * Click on the drawings above to download a higher resolution picture. * * * *

*********** WARNING***********
Read my page on safety before building this item.