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The Woodcrafter Page - Copyright ? 2004 - Keith Davies. All rights reserved.
The Woodcrafter Page - Copyright ? 2004 - Keith Davies. All rights reserved.

1930's - 40's - 50's - 60's
Retro Designs.

************** WARNING **************
Wooden toys are not appropriate for many children, especially small children, due to safety issues.
Read my page on safety and make certain any toy(s) you give to children are safe for them.
Also, learn to be safe in the workshop for you own sake.

While digging through some old boxes recently,
I pulled out a big stack of booklets titled:

(New & Novel Things to Make).


Click here for largr picture.

When I opened them, I found each one contained dozens of projects for woodworkers.
Some of them present the original DELTA BLUEPRINTs (as far back as 1934) but many lack enough detail
for beginning woodworking enthusiasts. I found this to be a treasure trove of very special information
so I contacted DELTA and got permission to place them on this web page.
The projects include articles from simple scale parts drawings through reasonable instructions.
If you are looking for more detail than given here, (such as a complete package with detailed instructions,
step-by-step directions, and more) you can order custom packages from my Detailed Plans page.
All plans are Adobe Acrobat .pdf files.

My collection presently includes
Practical Delta Projects books 2, 4-16, Toys (Book# 4544),
19 Charming Chairs (Book# 4550), Furniture Designs (Book# 4551),
21 Lovely Lamps (Book# 4553), Novelties (Book# 4554),
Small Furniture Designs (Book# 4556), 40 Fine Tables (Book# 4557),
Toys, Games, Playground Eq. (Book# 4558), Things to Make On Band Saw(Book# 4560),
Things to Make On Scroll Saw (Book# 4562), Things to Make On Circular Saw(Book# 4563),
Getting The Most Out of Your Drill Press (Book# 4572),
Getting The Most Out of Your Band Saw & Scroll Saw(Book# 4573),
Bargain Package #1, and How to plan a Home Workshop (Book# 4541).
Deltagrams (1954 - 1963).
If you have additional books, or any that I am missing, please Contact Me .
So here they are: ( )

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Alphabetical Index of Retro Projects:

All, Wood Box
Beach Shoes, Wooden
Bird Feeder
Bird Feeding Station
Bird House, Four
Bird House, 24 Room Martin House
Bird House, Three Wren Houses
Boat Bed
Book Ends, Fisherman
Book Ends, Initialed
Book Rack, One-Evening
Bread Boards, 2
Bottle Game
Bowl, Chopping
Box, Built-up - Turned
Bulletin Board, Kitchen
Cabinet, Colonial Wall Cabinet
Cabinet, Colonial Corner Cabinet
Cage, Canary
Candle Sticks, Novelty
Candle Stick, Spiral
Candle Stick, Turned
Candleholder, Metal & Plastic
Celeret Bar
Chair, Captain's
Chair, Child's Ladderback
Chair, Child's Rocker
Chair, Circular Tree Seat
Chair, Folding, Adirondack
Chair, Porch
Chair, Garden
Chaise Lounge
Chest, Decorated
Christmas Carolers (3) Outside
Christmas Candle Holder
Christmas Shadow Picture Cutouts
Christmas Table Center Piece
Christmas Tree Stand
Clothes Pin Basket
Coffee Table, Free Form 
Cold Cut Board
Constellation Clock
Chair, Garden
Chair, Wing, Colonial - Bannister Back
Cradle, Baby
Desk, Kneehole
Drill Press Drill Caddy
Easter Center Piece
Flower Pot Holder, Dutch Shoe
Footstools, 3 Simple
Game, Croquet Set
Gingerbread Kiddie Store Playhouse
Kitchen Set, Juvenile
Knife Holder, Kitchen
Lamp, Blackout
Lamp, Colonial Spinning Wheel
Lamp, English Style

Lamp, Maypole
Lamp, Modern
Lamp, Oak Bucket
Lawn Soda Bar
Lawn Swing
Lamp, Table (2 woods)
Letter Rack
Napkin Holder, Horse
Nautical Picture Frame

Picnic Bench
Picture Frame, One-Evening
Picture Frames, Two Simple
Pine Nightstand
Pine Wardrobe

Plant Stand
Planters, Estate

Play House for Kids
Play House, Summer
Robin Shelter
Rocking Chair - Modern
Salt Shaker, Lil' Brown Jug
Sand Box
Sand Box, Novel
Shelf, Portable
Shelf, Turned
Spice Chest

Stand, Knick-Knack
Steep Gable Martin Bird House
Swing, Glider
Table, Colonial Drop Leaf End Table
Table, Dressing
Table, Dressing, Vanity

Table, Dual Purpose Picnic Table and Benches
Table, Duncan Phyfe Sewing Table
Table, Folding, Roll Away
Table, Maple Breakfast Table
Table, Modern Round Table
Table, Modern Square Table
Table, Occasional
Table, Pedestal Drop Leaf
Table, Pembroke Table
Table, Picnic Bench
Table, Picnic Table and Benches
Table, Queen Anne
Tackle Box
Teeter Totter
Toy Aircraft Carrier
Toy Bus
Toy Car with Removable Roof
Toy Car with House Trailer
Toy Coaster Wagon
Toy, Dog Pull

Toy Doll Cradle
Toy Dolly Walker
Toy Duck Pull
Toy Dump Truck
Toy Easter Pull
Toy Elephant Pull Toy
Toy Hobby Horse
Toy Kiddie Car
Toy Model Plane
Toy Monkey Wheelbarrow
Toy, Noah's  Ark
Toy, Noah's Ark Camel
Toy, Noah's Ark Cow
Toy, Noah's Ark Elephant
Toy, Noah's Ark Goat
Toy, Noah's Ark Hippo
Toy, Noah's Ark Rhino
Toy PT Boat
Toy Pull Boat
Toy Push, Penguin
Toy Push, Monkey
Toy Road Roller
Toy Sand Box
Toy Wooden Scooter
Toy Wooden Sled
Tray, Crumb
Tray, Crumb (#2)
Tray, Serving
Turned Piggy Bank
Vanity, Mahogany
Wall Planter
Window Shelf for Plants
Wren House
Wren House #1
Wren House #2
11' Utility Boat


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(Listed in order they were added to the site, not alphabetically.)
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