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The Woodcrafter Page - Copyright ? 2004 - Keith Davies. All rights reserved.
The Woodcrafter Page - Copyright ? 2004 - Keith Davies. All rights reserved.

Victorian Doll House

Click here to download the directions. Build this three story, seven room doll house. Experienced craftspeople can build everything from scratch and the less adventurous can buy many items at high end craft stores.

The completed house measures 35 inches wide by 12 inches deep and 29-5/8 inches tall. It appears to be in 1" scale (1" = 1' ) aka 1/12 scale.

There are several modifcations you might wish to consider:
1. Wallpaper - dollhouse wallpaper is available through stores. If you elect to use contact paper, keep in mind the scale of the patten on the paper and pick one with a very small pattern.
2. Carpet - Several good quailty fabrics work well as carpet. Apply the carpet with a good double stick tape.
3. Stairs - stairs add a real charm to the house but do not fit well with the floor plan.
4. Lighting - kits are available from stores and must be planned in and installed during early construction.

* * * * * * * * * * * SPECIAL NOTE* * * * * * * * * * *
This project has a very special extra feature : it is also available in French. It has been translated by Stephanie Trznadel of France. She visited The Woodcrafter page, downloaded the free plans, and translated them for her mother. To get the translated directions, contact me for the French translation.


* * * * * * * * * N O T I C E * * * * * * * * *
When I originally published this plan in 2001, I offered it as a free download.
[Check this out at the internet archive "Wayback Machine" site*/ ]
The very first file did not display my logo on the pages but had my information listed in the document properties.
Due to the overwhelming popularity of this item, as well as some people infringing in my copyright / IP rights,
I stopped offering it as a free file in 2005 and I listed it on my site in the pay plans area.
I then tried to monitor the internet (especially eBay) to prevent unauthorized sales of my plans.
This proved to be too big of a task as I found that too many people in the UK were selling my copyrighted plans
and even had the nerve to claim they had the copyrights to them.
One seller, Lee Cleavely of Birmingham, United Kingdom, (eBay sellername = silentassasin25)
even had the audacity to leave me a negative feedback rating when I stopped him from
selling my plans, after several previous attempts, and I left him negative feedback for STEALING my plans.
Actions like this led to me to place the plans back on my site for FREE.
Now you can download it for FREE right here but do NOT try to sell them.

* * * * * * IMPORTANT * * * * * *

Your download of these plans entitles you to unlimited personal use of them.
ANY publication or copying, for other than personal use, is prohibited.
The rights to these plans, their sale, resale, use, publication, and distribution belong to Keith 0. Davies
(The Woodcrafter), as explained on my "Detailed Plans" page at www.TheWoodcrafter.US
If you purchased these plans from anyone else (on eBay or any other place) and paid with PayPal,
I suggest you get your money back by filing a PayPal dispute.

* * * * * * * * *
Click on the picture above to go to download the plans for this project as a file in Adobe Acrobat format.
This is a 12 page file. *** The last page is legal size. ***
(450KB file)

* * * * * * * * *

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*********** WARNING***********
Read my page on safety before building this item.